FACE MASKS – Disposable High Quality 3-Layer & Breathable (10/20/50) UK Medical Protection


High Quality Disposable Masks – dsbj Disposable Medical Mask (sold as 10/20/50) MED-Masks hygienic facial Masks, health protection, beautician, care, everyday use.



Full Description

When someone talks, sneezes or coughs they can release tiny droplets into the air that can infect other people. If an infected person wears a face mask, it can help to reduce the number of germs that they release, which can then help to protect other people. Disposable masks can be used to prevent harmful airborne substances from entering the body through the mouth and nose and also to prevent germs being spread by the wearer.

* Comfy to breath, ear loop easy to wear, multiple protection, adjustable nose wire gives a perfect fit.

* Seamless ultrasonic fusion

* 3-layer fold arrangement minimising the possibility of infection. The pliable nose piece ensures there are no gaps between your face and the mask for a better fit.

* Filters air particles and blocks droplets.

* For use in ordinary medical environments to block the exhalation or spraying of contaminants from mouth to nose and can also be used for:

Hospitals | Beauticians | Businesses | Doctors | Dog walking | Exercising | Driving | Shopping | Every day protection for all

Ideal for both men & women with ear loops that provide great support, making it suitable for cycling, running, travel and everyday day use.

* Available in 10s, 20s or 50 sealed in 10s and boxed in quantities of 50. The masks come sealed in a box to ensure they are kept safe from contamination.

dsbj medical masks offer protection from a range of elements and particles and are useful for a range of professions and situations including construction workers who work amongst dust, medical and dental staff to filter out germs, those who suffer from pollen allergies who work outdoors and those who work in catering to stay hygienic. The masks can be used in the below circumstances:
In healthcare to protect from germs and infection
Personal use to prevent spread of infection from yourself and for protection from other people’s germs
To prevent cross-infection in surgical, medical, dental, beauty salons and in food preparation environments


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