MG 08/15 ‘Spandau’


Our 3D printed machine guns make a superb scale accessory for RC model WWI fighter aircraft. The models come as kits that are easily assembled and painted to give your model the armament that is such a prominent feature of these aircraft. The kits come to you straight from the printer so may need a little work to remove any swarf before assembly and finishing. Fine detail such as sights can be added if required. They are available in 1:4, 1:5 and 1:6 scale. Please note that the guns are sold singly, but some model plans require them to be fitted in pairs.

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The Maschinengewehr 08/15 was widely used on German fighter aircraft during WWI. A development of the water-cooled infantry weapon, the guns fitted to aircraft had the distinctive heavily slotted air cooling jacket instead. It used belt-fed ammunition and could be synchronised to fire through the propeller arc.
1:4 Scale MW3005 Fokker Dr.IMW3125 Fokker D.VIII
1:6 Scale MW3225 Albatros C.IIIMW2218 Fokker E.IIIMW3599 Fokker D.VIIIMW2187 Fokker Dr.IMW2044 Halberstadt D.IIMW3068 Pfalz A1 MW3457 Pfalz D.XIIMW3369 Rumpler C.IV3D modelling by

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