Mk3H Ejection Seat (1:8.4 Scale)


This 1:8.4 scale 3D printed scale model kit of the Martin-Baker Mk3H Ejection Seat was created after careful study of an operational full-size seat to ensure the model really captures the scale and proportions of these vital safety devices.

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The Mk3H ejection seat was fitted to single-seat Hawker Hunter aircraft, a type that served many air forces all over the world, and is still used operationally over 60 years after it first flew. The model is easily assembled using the adhesive of you choice, and can be painted with normal modelling acrylics or enamels. Its modular design means that if you intend to install it into an RC model, you can omit parts to save weight if necessary. The harnesses are supplied flat, and can be warped into the shape you want with the careful application of heat. Additional details such as cables and wiring can be added using scrap electrical wire in various sizes, and a piece of short-pile fleece fabric can be used to represent the sheepskin cushion cover often used by pilots. Suitable for installing in RC scale model aircraft or just for display, they are sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in aviation. This kit is designed to match the 1:8.4 scale Hawker Hunter RC model plan designed by Chris Golds (plan number MW3241). A laser-cut wood-pack and plastic moulded canopy are also available.
Kit Contents: Main Beam Seat Pan, Parachute Container & Head Box Head Rest, Face Blind & Seat Pan Firing Handles Parachute Pack, Personal Survival Pack & Seat Cushion Seat Harness, Parachute Harness, Leg Restraints Adhesive labels & Display Stand Height: 10.3cm Weight: 72g. Please note these models are produced to order. Allow 14 days for delivery. 3D modelling.


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