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Radio Controlled Racing Sailboats – book / magazine

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Radio Controlled Racing Sailboats is packed with 132 full colour pages of information for the modelling enthusiast, by Chris Jackson.


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Full Description

16 Chapters, covering topics ranging from your choice of class of boat to racing strategy, this makes for a must have title to add to your collection.

• Development of the Modern Racing Sailboat
• Choosing a Class
• Basic Sailing Theory
• Hull Building Methods
• Timber Planked Hulls
• Hull Moulding in Polyester, Epoxy Resin, Kevlar and Carbon Fibre
• Appendages – Fins and Rudders
• Ballast Design and Casting Techniques
• Rigs, Rigging and Fittings
• Radio Equipment
• Sails, Sail Making and Sail Controls
• Setting Up A Sailboat’s Trim
• Fine Tuning of Hull and Rigs
• Race Strategy
• Going Racing
• Racing Rules and Regulations

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