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Model Submarine Technology – Book – by Norbert Bruggen

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The definitive book on submarine modelling Model submarines, which can actually submerge under water and then surface again at a quite different location, hold a special attraction for the on looker. This book shows how it is done, explaining the extensive and sophisticated technology that has to be installed in these slim hulls, together with a wide range of electronic safety circuits and sensible methods of using them.

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Contents Chapter 1 – Selecting the model Full-size prototypes Brandtaucher (Fire Diver) (built 1850) lctineo 2 (built 1866) Nautilus (devised 1870) Holland No. 1 (built 1901, England) German smubmarines (built 1914/15) English R-class (built 1918) Adventurous projects from the Second World War “Soucoup Plongeant” by Jaques Cousteau “Alvin” (built 1964) Penguin B3 Fish Nautilus Foot rowing crab [lit. cycops] Where to operate your model submarine Chapter 2 – Design Mass, bouyancy Static and dynamic diving Mass distribution, stability Drive systems, propellers Chapter 3 – Hull Construction Pressure hull strength Constructional methods Chapter 4 – Access and sealing The top hatch Equatorial separation Sealing ring Chapter 5 – Hull openings Shaft sealing Sealing the control surface linkages Other hull openings Chapter 6 – Diving tanks Aspirated, pumped tank Flexible tanks Piston tanks A few piston tank designs Proportional control systems Compressed air Chapter 7 – Trim Mechanisms Multiple diving tanks Ballast shifting Chapter 8 – Trimming Chapter 9 – Depth regulators The principle Mechanical regulators Inclinometer Pressure sensors Direct-connected inclinometers A simple attitude regulator Depth regulator Further possibilities Chapter 10 – Safety Radio contact Safety measures Testing for leaks Electrical safety measures Transmitter failsafe Battery monitor Emergency bouy Water alarm Emergency surfacing systems Colour schemes Chapter 11 – Auxiliary working systems Periscopes and snorkels Cameras Torpedoes Manipulators Unconventional drive systems Working fins Bibliography Appendix Parts list for diving cell servo electronics Parts list for attitude regulator Parts list for depth regulator Channel dimensions for O-rings (in mm)

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