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N.A AT-6 Texan/Harvard (68 1/2″) – Flanged Prop nut (Small)

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Flanged Prop Nut (Small) for this Brian Taylor design of a 1:7.35 scale, 1740 mm (68.5”) wingspan  N.A. AT-6 Texan, which offers modellers the chance to build and fly their own R/C model of this famous aircraft.



  • Designer: Brian Taylor
  • Wingspan: 68.5″ / 1740 mm
  • Power Source: .45 to .60 cu. in. 2-stroke
  • Radio Functions: 4
  • Scale: 1:7.35

Full Description

Part of the Brian Taylor Scale Plans collection. Part: FLANGED PROP NUT (SMALL), Part number: CD3352SP

With many of these 2-seat American trainers still flying worldwide, it couldn’t be easier to find scale documentation to match this well-detailed 2 sheet plan by British Scale Champion Brian Taylor. This aeroplane is designed to be powered by a four-stroke engine, but experienced modellers should be able to convert it to electric power (details not supplied, so please send us information if you make a successful EP version!) It is not suitable for beginners, either to plan building or model flying. The model is of conventional all-wood construction and moulded accessories are available, along with a Laser Cut & Additional Wood Packs.

About the full size: Over 15,000 T-6 Texans (known as the Harvard outside the US) were built. They were used primarily for pilot training during WWII, but this rugged aircraft was also used in a wide variety of other roles during and after the war. Widely exported, some were still in military operation into the 1990s and hundreds of them are still flying today in private ownership.

Retracts are available from:

Check out the CD Focus File that’s also available:-


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