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Netta LO90


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Designer: LBSC

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An N.E.R. 0-8-0 locomotive and tender of Worsdell design.

3 1/2 "

(ME Vols. 110-113). Featuring outside cylinders with inside Stephenson valve gear.

Sheet 1 General arrangement of engine and tender (for all gauges).

Sheet 2 Main frames and details.

Sheet 3 Cylinders, coupling rods, connecting rods, guide bar brackets, crossheads.

Sheet 4 Reversing lever and rod, junction block and oil check, steam and exhaust flanges, mechanical lubricator and details, pipe and lubricator assembly, lubricator drive arrangement, blast nozzle.

Sheet 5 Arrangement of link motion, valve gear details.

Sheet 6 Arrangement of boiler and details.

Sheet 7 Arrangement of smokebox and details, regulator and superheater and details.

Sheet 8 Footplate fittings and footplate arrangements. Grate and ashpan details.

Sheet 9 Diagram of pipe connections, bypass valve, cab side and roof, running boards, buffers, tender drawhook and coupling, engine and tender coupling.

Sheet 10 Section of tender, tender details and brake work.


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