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O-Four9ier-E (56″) – Laser Cut Wood Pack

Laser Cut Wood Pack for Peter Miller’s updated version of a well-proven glow model to electric power for a 3S LiPo setup Peter Miller’s Fournier E. O-Four9ier-E is very easy to fly being a simple glider but it is also aerobatic and is capable of loops, rolls, and inverted flight with ease. It’s also easy to hand-launch.

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Made to order


  • Name: O-Four9ier-E
  • Model type: Semi scale
  • Designed by: Peter Miller
  • Wingspan: 1422 mm (56”)
  • Wing area: 0.27 m2 (336 in2)
  • Length: 762 mm (30”)
  • Weight: 680 g (24 oz)
  • Wing loading: 10.3 oz./sq. ft.
  • Functions (servos): Ailerons (1), Rudder (1),
  • Elevator (1), Throttle (ESC)
  • Motor: 2321 2050 kVA
  • ESC: 20A
  • Prop: APC 5.5 x 4.5E
  • Battery: 3S 1100mAh LiPo
  • Published in RCM&E January 2023


  • Ailerons: High rate 1/4”, low rate 1/8”
  • Elevator: High rate 1/2”, low rate 1/4”
  • Rudder: High rate 7/8”, low rate 1/2”

Full Description

The original O-Four9ier was designed in 1991 to be powered by a Cox .049 Texaco. This engine was meant to use larger props and to run at lower rpm than most Cox engines and was designed for the 1/2A Texaco duration contest. This meant that it was extremely economical on fuel. But now Peter Miller wanted a model that would soar in thermals but also be aerobatic, a specification that was matched by the full-size Fournier RF-4. Peter Miller can say that his performed perfectly on both counts. He can remember one thermal flight where other club members who had joined him in the lift had to give up as they could no longer see their models.

So that brings us to the here and now…

This model of O-Four9ier-E is very easy to fly. After all it is a simple glider. However, it is also aerobatic and is capable of loops, rolls and inverted flight with ease. Its is easy to hand launch single handed because it is very stable until asked to do something via the sticks.

SAVE 10% on Selected Laser Cut Wood Packs!

Offers End Soon!

What’s in a Laser or CNC Cut Wood Pack?

A CNC or Laser Cut Wood Pack contains most, if not all, of the intricately shaped parts shown on the plan, which would be difficult or time-consuming to cut out by hand. It does not contain any sheet or strip wood, which you will need to buy separately. Alternatively, you can purchase an Additional Wood Pack, if available. Our Laser or CNC Cut Wood Packs only contain balsa, ply & lite ply and do not include other materials that may be required to complete the model, such as hardwoods, metals & GRP sheets.
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