Off the Beaten Track – RC Rock Crawling DVD


Rock crawling is one of the fastest-growing forms of radio-controlled motorsports, with skills and technology devoted to making a truck capable of climbing seemingly impossible gradients, clambering over obstacles many times their own size that have to be seen to be believed.

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In this DVD, Dez Chand, editor of RRCi, and Peter ‘Mad Pete’ Gray explore this unique sport, with a detailed look at the specialised chassis, suspension, transmission and tyres developed to achieve the ultimate performance. The technique is as important as the hardware, so we visit the ‘Rock RC Axial Crawler Nationals’ at Bracken Rocks, Derbyshire to watch some of the UK’s best RC Crawlers in action. This DVD takes you deep into the fascinating world of RC rock crawling and we hope it inspires you to get ‘Off the Beaten Track’.

RC Rock Crawling Special is also Available:

RC Rock Crawler Special – RC Car Bookazine


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