Pansy LO96


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Designer: LBSC

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A 5in gauge 0-6-0 tank locomotive. (ME Vols.118-120.) This is an accurate model of the well-known G.W.R.57XX' class Pannier tank. It has inside cylinders with Stephenson valve gear.

Sheet 1
General arrangement, main frames, buffer beams.

Sheet 2
Wheels, axles, axleboxes, horns, framestays, coupling rods and cylinders.

Sheet 3
Cylinders and attachments, valve gear, eccentric straps and rods, connecting rods, reversing lever and bracket.

Sheet 4
Regulator, superheater, crosshead pump, lubricator drive assembly, arrangement of pump, steam and exhaust pipes.

Sheet 5
Boiler and details of smokebox and its assembly.

Sheet 6
Backhead fittings, water gauge, blower, dome, grate, ashpan, smokebox arrangement and boiler brackets.

Sheet 7
Brake gear, steam chest draincock, arrangement of tanks, buffers, drawhook, pumps, etc

Sheet 8
Running boards, splashers, injector water valve, leading sandbox and guard iron, trailing footsteps, top feed connections.

Sheet 9
Cab and bunker details, trailing sandboxes, hand rails and pillars, lamp irons and small footsteps.


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