Performance Tuning for Radio Control Gliders / DVD / Radio Carbon Art


Did you know that most kits and ARF’s come with little or no set up information, and if it is included, it is often incorrect or too conservative? In this DVD, Paul Naton takes a popular basic intermediate ARF glider that flew poorly, and with a number of simple changes and modifications, made it into a great flying plane.

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A unique part of this DVD are the flight demo’s which graphically illustrate how different center of gravity and aileron differential setting effect a planes flight characteristics. You will see how to test for correct CG using the dive test and inverted dive test. Once you see the demonstrations, you will be able to replicate these tests with your glider. • 2 hours of detailed tutorials and instruction • Tuning tips for both slope and thermal flying • Learn to build and rig your model right the first time • Learn to use a Center of Gravity stand • Learn to use analog and digital Incidence meters • Programme your computer radio for maximum flexibility • Learn to fix common flying quality problems • Learn how to properly set Center of Gravity and Decalage • Learn to optimize V-Tail sailplanes • Proper tow hook location for high launches • Solve adverse yaw problems • Dive Test flight demos And much more! Total Run Time: 2 hours


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