Perma-Grit Tools DVD


Discover how to make building a pleasure with this fantastic DVD featuring Ian Richardson, the developer of Perma-Grit Tool.

Full Description

Used by the worlds top modellers, Perma-Grit Tools are recognised as the best available. The grit is one of the hardest materials available next to diamond. This, combined with their strength and versatility, makes them perfect for many different applications.
This DVD will demonstrate how to use the tools to their best effect, as well as why they give far better results than more traditional tools.
Features include

An overview of the tools with hints & tips on how to use them
How to cut and shape various materials including wood, foam, plastic and carbon composites
How to clean tools clogged up with substances such as paint, glue and filler
Insights into strength and durability of the tools
Testimonials from R/C modellers and home-build aircraft manufacturers


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