Piston Drop Valve Mill Engine M34


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Designer: Alan Haworth

A working replica of a typical mill engine.. (Vols. 144-145)

Sheet 1
General arrangement, high pressure cylinder and valves and further valve details.

Sheet 2
Piston valve HP layshaft and eccentric exhaust valve details. Steam valve HP cylinder LP cylinder block.

Sheet 3
Air-condensate, extraction pump, crosshead, jet condenser, condensate sump, engine crank and fly-shaft, crosshead guide, tailsllde, HP mitre bevel gears.

Sheet 4
Sectional sub-assembly of Governor stand, etc. Counterweight and details, details of mitre gears for Governor drive, Governor stand, sub-assembly of damping cylinder and piston, sub-assembly of safety trip latch, sub-assembly of spool yoke and bushings, etc.

Sheet 5
Valve details, pump details, feed water tank, bearing housing, sub-assembly of crankshaft bearing, bearing wedge block, crankpin bearing.

Sheet 6
Engine foundations, flywheel, governor and connecting rod details.

Sheet 7
Main and extension bedplate, extension bed for tail-slides, details or hand barring gear, schematic arrangement of Governor linkage.

Sheet 8
Engine gauge panel, engine cylinder and valve lubricator; exhaust eccentric and crankpin lubricators; high pressure and low pressure valve operating and trip gear arrangements; plant arrangements of engines and boilers; engine warming through arrangements; steam valve settings.

Sheet 9
Further details of valve settings, exhaust eccentric and rocker rods; exhaust valve coupling rods.

Complete set of 9 sheets.


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