PSS Hawker Hurricane (53″) – Short Kit (Set)


The Short Kit includes Plan, Laser Cut & Additional Wood Packs, Canopy and Nose Cone. A 53” span PSS model of the famous RAF Battle of Britain fighter, designed by Matt Jones.  With scale outlines in plan and profile, this fully built-up model uses conventional construction methods and is designed for two-channel R/C.

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PSS Hawker Hurricane (53″)

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SCALE: 1/9th scale / WINGSPAN: 53″ (1350mm) / WING AREA: 440 sq in / WING LOADING: 15 oz/sq ft / LENGTH: 43″ (1090mm) / WEIGHT: 48 oz / MOTOR/ENGINE: Power Scale Soarer / RADIO FUNCTIONS: Aileron, Elevator (Rudder can be added if required) / SERVOS: 2 standard sized servos / BASIC CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: Balsa and Lite Ply, Spruce spars, Vac formed Spinner and Canopy

What’s in a Short Kit? – A short kit usually contains, where available, the plan, the laser/CNC cut wood pack, additional wood pack, canopy, cowl or any other available Glass Fibre or plastic moulded items.



SCALE: 1/9th scale

WINGSPAN: 53″ (1350mm)

WING AREA: 440 sq in

WING LOADING: 15 oz/sq ft

LENGTH: 43″ (1090mm)

WEIGHT: 48 oz

MOTOR/ENGINE: Power Scale Soarer

RADIO FUNCTIONS: Aileron, Elevator (Rudder can be added if required)

SERVOS: 2 standard sized servos

BASIC CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS: Balsa and Lite Ply, Spruce spars, Vac formed Spinner and Canopy

BUILD DIFFICULTY:  *       (**)       ***      



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