Pterobat 60


Alan Wooster offers the second model to be published from his series of low wing sports aerobatic Pterobat designs

Full Description

The model offered here is the Mk.3 version of Alan Wooster’s original design first flown back in 1998. This one differs from the original model in that it had a semi-symmetrical rib pattern and parallel chord wing with rounded tips. It flew pretty well too. Since then Alan has built this basic design in three more different sizes. All have been very nice flyers but this 60″ version has been his favourite.WING AREA: 630 sq in


  • Designer: Alan Wooster
  • Wingspan: 60″
  • Power Source: .45 – .50 cu in
  • Radio Functions: Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder
  • Length: 49″
  • Weight: 83 oz (2375 g)


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