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An exciting twin-boom project for a single brushless motor and lightweight cells plus micro radio featuring a simple built-up fuselage with sheet wings and tailplane. Designed by Ron Laden.

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Wingspan: 36″ / 915 mm
Radio: 3 function
Battery: 8-10 NiMH cells; 3-cell LiPo
Motor: 400 brushless
Weight: 4 lb 14.5 oz / 2.2 kg


  • Designer: Ron Laden
  • Wingspan: 36″ / 915 mm
  • Power Source: 400 brushless

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  1. djlukaz94

    this model is very easy to build and great fun to fly it has realy nice slow flight capabilities but can also go like a speeding dart as well the plan is easy to follow and takes no time at all to construct . my set up is a 2200mah 3s lipo with a small 2-4s lipo motor and a 30amp esc and hightek hs81 servo’s

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