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Presented by Chris Jackson, ex editor of Marine Modelling International magazine, is an experienced racing skipper in his own right. Join Chris at five championship events as he examines the boats, the technology and the tactics used by top competition skippers as they battle for success.

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Featuring the following different yacht classes: R/C Laser: R/C laser hulls are moulded in modern plastic materials. No modifications are allowed, so costs are low and performance entirely down to the skills of the skipper. A great way to start R/C racing! International One Metre (IOM) – Conceived purely as a model racing yacht, IOM’s are the same basic size as the RC Laser, but much more complex. Light, responsive and fun to sail, they’re without a doubt the largest fleet in the world today. Marblehead – These boats are also light, responsive and very fast. Apart from size limits, anything goes in the Marblehead class! It’s the place to be for technical developments and advanced design, construction, materials and rigs. Ten-Rater – With it’s long hull and highly efficient sails and masts, the elegant Ten-Rater is the fastest class of RC racing yachts. An ‘open’ class, there’s freedom to develop design and construction, particularly in rigs and sail plans. RA Class – At 2m long, weighing 14-25kg and carrying about 1m2 of sail, these are the biggest RC yachts sailed internationally. A fleet of RA boats is an impressive and awesome sight! Running time: approx. 80 minutes.
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