Radio Clinic for Sailplane / Radio Control Gliding DVD / Radio Carbon Art


The Radio Clinic for Sailplanes DVD will teach you how to program your computer radio so you can fly more efficiently and get top performance from your model. You will learn not only WHAT all of the radio functions are, but HOW to apply them to a variety of different gliders.
Approx Running Time: 1 hr 50 minutes

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The techniques taught in this DVD can be applied to any slope or thermal glider including hotliners and electric-assisted sailplanes. Remember one thing, most computer radios have the same basic functions, just different ways of making them work, the APPLICATION of those functions for sailplanes is universal and the same for any radio make or model. Your radio manual will tell you how to get to the function, the Programming Clinic DVD will tell you HOW to use it, WHY to use it, and HOW MUCH to set it for. What’s unique and cool about this DVD is that you will watch me program a variety of planes form a basic 2 channel polyhedral to a 6 servo F3X unlimited ship, and you will see how the surfaces move and see parameters change on the radio programming screen. Highlights include: • Detailed look at basic programming functions and their uses. • 2 ch poly, 3 ch RES , 4 ch Flaperon, 6 ch F3X covered • Dual Rates & Exponential programming techniques • Basic and advanced mixing functions • Harness the power of Flight Modes/Conditions • Flight set-ups for electric motors • 6 servo programming seminar • Learn to use slave mixing • Tons of pro-level tips! • And much more!


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