Radio Control Park and Slow Flying Book – by Henrik Schulte


The possibilities are endless with these super models! Made from Depron, wood or polystyrene, small or big, your creative modelling options are endless! You can even build and fly beautiful slow and park-flyers that look like the original aeroplanes.

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In Hinrik Schulte’s book he provides the knowledge you require to make the right choice and saves you the unnecessary cost of buying the wrong model. It contains all you need to know about the different propulsion and remote-control components with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Also included is a discussion of power sources, focussing on interesting new battery technologies and the corresponding chargers. He provides a comprehensive overview of all kinds of models, from simple indoor models to true-to-the-original slow and park-flyers and aerobatics models. It features over 50 models organised under corresponding thematic overviews, making it easier to find what you are looking for and make your choice. With a little basic knowledge from this book, a few hours building your model and some accessories you will soon be having fun flying slow and park-flyers!


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