Radio Control Thermal Gliding Book


In this comprehensive guide the authors, Markus and Ulf, show you the best part of working updraughts and the addiction of thermalling!

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For all those modellers who want to know more about the unusual word of thermal gliding but were afraid to ask! Authors, Markus Lisken and Ulf Gerber bring you a wealth of hints and tips and take you through step-by-step all you need to know about thermalling. For anyone with glue and cardboard at home they provide tips on how to create a souped-up model for thermalling. They also deal with managing crisis situations and explain why thermals can pose a threat to your model and the best way to manage these situations. From the do and don’ts of using the right models to safely bringing your pride and joy back to terra firma, this book takes you through the captivating world of thermal gliding!


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