RAF S.E.5A (80”) – Plan


Available in 2 sizes (see also MW3442). This is the 80” span version of the famous WW1 scout to 1:4 scale and on 4 highly-detailed plan sheets with building notes. Constructed from all wood from the Dennis Bryant Elite Plans range. Not for beginners.

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RAF S.E.5A (80”)

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A 80” span WW1 scout biplane for .1.80 (20cc) engines and 4-function R/C. Designed by Dennis Bryant.


  • Designer: Dennis Bryant
  • Wingspan: 80″ / 2032 mm
  • Power Source: 1.80 cu. in. 4-stroke (20 cc)
  • Power Source: IC Propeller
  • Radio Functions: 4
  • Scale: 1:4
  • Weight: 5kg approx.


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