Rag Rug Workshop DVD with Jenni Stuart-Anderson


Historically, rag rug making was simply an easy and cheap way of re-using worn out clothes to
provide a little comfort and warmth in the homes of most poor people. It could so easily have died
out completely, but now rag rugs are seen both as an environmentally friendly form of recycling,
and as an art form in themselves. Jenni Stuart-Anderson has been studying and making rag rugs
for over 25 years, and regularly holds workshops where she passes on the skills and craft of rag
rug making to many others.

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Full Description

In this fascinating DVD, we join Jenni at one of her workshops. The basic techniques are so simple
that little time is spent explaining them. More important are the hints, tips and experience she is
able to pass on, as well as the very real enjoyment to be had from sitting with a group of friends
and chatting whilst exchanging ideas and knowledge – just as our ancestors once did.

So join our workshop and see how, with a couple of simple tools, a bit of hessian and some old
clothes, you too can begin to make unique and attractive items of home decor whilst immersing
yourself in a pre-industrial revolution activity that may even seem to draw the spirits of your
forebears to your side.

Running Time: 55 minutes

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