Ransomes Class A Thrasher Plan TE21


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Designer: John HainingStar Rating:A 1926 pattern thrashing box in 2in scale.Sheet 1 Frame details, details of wind shutters and wind-hood.Sheet 2 General arrangement, half full-size, details of side and corner brackets, side boarding, assembly and details of fan and centre bearing detail.Sheet 3 Straw shakers, shaker crank and bearings, lower shoe, hind axle and bolster.Sheet 4 Front axle, bolster and cross framing, front and rear wheels, front axle and drawbar assembly, jog crank rods.Sheet 5 Pulley details and positions, grain elevator, upper shoe.Sheet 6 Jog crank, plan of drum panel and bearing bracket, beater beds and bars, concave setting, elevator grain cups.Sheet 7 Assembly of fans, upper and lower shoes, corn elevator and straw walkers in frame, fan casing, grainboard, jog crank bearings.Sheet 8 Concave, chobber sections, awner details, awner casing.Sheet 9 Rotary screen, chobber cone, Frame stays, nameplates.Sheet 10 Back side views, end and wing boards, corn sprouts,hinges.Complete set of 10 sheets.


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