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Designer: John Haining

Sheet 1 General arrangement, details of boiler, smokebox and chimney.

Sheet 2 Fore axle, perch pin, trunk guide, perch housing, details of cylinders.

Sheet3 Connecting rod, crankshaft, flywheel piston and rod, crankshaft bearings, expansion link, eccentric straps and rods, valve and valve spindle, rocking lever and shaft, regulator block and rod. Firebars and firehole door.

Sheet 4 Details of hind axle, crankshaft gears and clutch.

Sheet 5 Eccentric rod, hind axle, hub cap, winding drum, driveplates.

Sheet 6 Steering gear- regulator details; reach rod.

Sheet 7 Pipe fittings, ash pan and doors, plough body types.

Sheet 8 Details of hosepipe hangers and lid, steerage spindle sleeve, water gauge and manifold, safety valves spring retainer cap.

Sheet 9 Gear and clutch details.

Sheet 10 Gear guard, layout of drain cocks, brake spindle lever, exhaust pipe, toolbox, plough body.

complete set of 10 sheets.


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