RC Shipyard – Building the Vosper MTB 379 – Blu-Ray

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Blu-Ray – Running time: approx. 60 mins. Please note: this High Definition DVD will not play on a standard DVD player. To view it you will need both a Blu-Ray compatible player and an HD capable television.

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RC Shipyard – Building the Vosper MTB 379 / DVD & Blu-Ray

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Model boat designer and builder Barrie Griffin has drawn plans for an attractive RC scale model of a Vosper MTB 379. In this fascinating blu ray he uses the pack of laser-cut parts available from Traplet Publications Ltd to build, fit out and sail one of these charismatic little warships.

Affectionately known as the Royal Navy’s “Little Ships”, the Motor Torpedo Boats of the Coastal Forces served with distinction throughout the Second World War. The Vosper Type II 73′ boats entered service in 1943, and armed with 18″ torpedoes, a QF 6-pounder gun, a 20mm Oerlikon cannon and two .303 machine guns, the squadrons headed out to raid the enemy coast and hunt shipping and submarines in the North Sea and English Channel. Many continued in service until 1947.

In the DVD, Barrie covers: Building and waterproofing the hull and superstructure, installing rudders and propellers, choosing and installing motors, servos, batteries and speed controllers, detailing, painting and finishing. Then we take the model out on the water to see how it goes.

With a clearly presented menu structure you will be able to navigate quickly and easily to the part of the build sequence that you need.

Very fast and highly manoeuvrable, here’s the ideal model warship for beginners and experts alike – and a squadron of them running together at high speed would be an impressive sight!


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