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RC1521 Typhoon Plan

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Full Description

Name: Typhoon

Designed By: Steve Griffiths & Mike Briggs

Wingspan: 59.5"

Wing area:

All-Up-Weight:42oz without ballast

Wing Loading: 14oz per sq ft

Wing Section: Girnsberger RG15;9in.root chord, 6in. tip

Tail and Fin Section: SD8020

Control Functions: Flaperon, Elevator and rudder 1degree (wing) 0 degrees (tail) relative to datum

Centre Of Gravity: 3.2-4.0" behind leading edge to root

Control Surface Travel: Aileron 3/4 " up; 1/2"down Lift
flap-1/16-3/32 " down
Elevator-coupled flap-1/8" each way
with full elevator in opposite sense
Brake flap-1"up,coupled with 3/32"up

Conventional Tail: Elevator-3/8"each way; rudder-1 1/2" each

V-Tail: Elevator-1/4"up, 3/8"down; rudder-1/2"each way


Featured in October 2002 RCM&E
Please note that all plans are printed to order and as such we are unable to accept returns.

SAVE 10% on Selected Plans!


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