RC1847 Cool Change Plan


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Design by John Edmunds

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Aircraft Type: F3A pattern aerobatic

Wingspan: 70 in

Wing Chord: 15.1/4"

Wing Area: 868 sq.in


Dihedral: Formed by wing section taper-1" at each tip

Fuselage Length: 64.1/4"

Tailplane Span: 28"

Tailplane Area: 217 sq.in

Tailplane Section: Symmetrical

Fin Height: 10.1/2"

Engine:0.61 cu. in. 2-St.

Fuel Tank: 12 oz

Rec.No.Channels: 5

Control Functions: Aileron,elevator,throttle,rudder,retracts

Cool Change will enable you to fly a full aerobatic schedule with the ease and precision that you would expect from an out and out pattern model.

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