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RC1850 Vertical Assault Plan


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Design by Richard Batting

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Great plane and doesn't look half bad for a fun-fly model. She has a symmetrical wing section giving 'Top' performance either way up. The name Vertical Assault comes from the model's amazing ability to disappear in a very short space of time.Go on build one today!!

Aircraft Type: Fun-fly biplane

Wing span:53"/50"

Wing Chord: 12"/11.1/4"

Wing area: Total 1150

Weight,ready to fly: 4.1/2 lbs with fuel

Wing loading: 9oz/sq.ft

Aerofoil:14 % symmetrical

Dihedral: None

Fuselage length: 45"

Tailplane span: 23"

Tailplane area: 165

Tailplane section: Flat plate

Engine range: 40-50 (two-stroke)

Fuel tank: 6oz

Req.No of channels: 4(5 with flapperons)

C of G from LE: 4" (upper wing)

Elevator throw: 2" each way

Aileron throw: 1" each way

Rudder throw: 3.1/4"each way

Side thrust: None

Down thrust: Built in.

Engine: 0.46 cu. in. 2-St.
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