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RC2098 J1 Phonix D.III


In Stock: Printed to order

In stock


Full Description

RC2098 J1 Phonix


Designer: Mats Johnasson


Mats Johanssons scale model recreates the W.W.1 Veteran that became the Swedish Air Forces first fighter.


Spec file:


Name: Phonix D.III

Model Type: Scale W.W.I Fighter

Wingspan: 38.5" (980mm)

Wing Area:

All-up Weight: 25oz (700g)

wing Loading: 9oz/ sq. ft. (27g / dm.sq)

Functions (Servos): Aileron (2); elevator (1); rudder (1); throttle (Via ESC)

Powertrain: Axi 2212/34 motor, 25A ESC; 1200mAh 3s Li-Po; 11×7" Prop


2 Page Plan


Please note that all plans are printed to order and as such we are unable to accept returns.


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