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RC2108 Saab J21 Plan


Full Description

RC2108 Saab J21 Plan


Mats Johansson provides a rare glimpse of a northan lightning with his 1:12 mode of Sweden's twin -boom fighter bomber.


Full build article featured in October 2012 RCM&E




Model Type: 1:12 Scale fighter bomber

Designed by: Mats Johansson

Wingspan: 896mm (35")

Fuselage Length : 810mm (32")

Wing area: 13.5 dm2

All-up weight: 550g

Wing loading: 41g/dm2

Functions (Servos): Aileron (2); elevator (1)

Powertrain: Nippy 1812/100 with 30A ESC; 3s 13000mAh Li-Po


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