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RCMW Plans & Construction Special 15th Edition

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This was the last plans guide published by RC Model World, it is a few years old but provides a useful listing of some of the plans (about half) now offered by Sarik Hobbies. It was the 15th edition of the Plans & Construction Special from RC Model World magazine and was the most comprehensive list at the time. The Sarik Plan Service’s have since expanded its library of quality plans and parts even more and are all now available on the website. This guide is packed with over 1100 plans for all types of models, over 500 parts and accessories, plus 200 laser-cut wood packs. From simple gliders to sophisticated scale models designed by championship winning modellers, there is something for every skill level.



Includes FREE Plan.Plus our full range from top, award winning designers, such as

Dennis Bryant
Brian Taylor
Duncan Hutson
Chris Golds

Chris Williams

Plans categories include:

Scale Designs
Brian Taylor Scale Plans
Dennis Bryant Elite Plans
Sports Designs
Scale Gliders

Sports Gliders
Power Slope Soaring (PSS)
Electric Scale
Electric Sport

Full Description

The guide includes TWO FREE PLANS for a pair of WWII aircraft from our electric scale range, both of which are available with wood packs:

  • 28” Messerschmitt Bf 109e (MW3034)
  • 40” Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk (MW3367)

Plus, this edition includes the newly acquired electric plans range designed by Philip Noel from EDF to classic designs such as the Constellation and Mitchell bomber. On the larger scale we have added Sepp Uiberlacher’s range of warbirds and vintage models to our ever-expanding inventory.

We list all of these plans with their appropriate wood packs and, where applicable, the accessories to help with the build. All of the prices are listed together with the date and magazine title they were published in.

This comprehensive plans guide is needs to be in every aeromodeller’s library.

Build Articles

Building From Plans

Expert modeller Clive Hall introduces you to the joy of building your models from plans. As well as giving you a much wider choice of model than ARTFs, there’s an undeniable satisfaction in building your own model from scratch. Discover the basics and pick up some great hints from an experienced builder.

Electric Power Train Selection

As more and more modellers take the jump to electric-power for their models, having good, reliable information about power sources. Join Brian Collins as he discusses how to find the ideal electric set up for your model. Brian walks you through some tips and expert tricks to choosing the three most important components: motors, batteries and electronic speed controllers.

Perfect Planking

Philip Noel takes the mystery out of planking and shows you how to achieve the ultimate in planking finishes. With easy to follow diagrams of the process, Philip shows you his technique, which will give you sizeable weight-savings and saves you time not having to carve out fuselage shapes, compared with using slab sides of balsa.

Metalwork Method

Don Coe shows you how to achieve amazing metal detail, using his own build of a cartoon scale 1912 Blackburn Monoplane. With acres of aluminium sheet to bend, shape and cut, metalwork can seem daunting, but Don talks you through the process – from starting your research and the tools you’ll need to the finished result.

Publish Your Plans

Do you draw your own model plans? Roger Vaughn does and he gets his plans published as well. Here he discusses his experience of getting his aeromodelling plans published by RC Model World and shows you that it’s much easier than you think to get your plans published in an international modelling magazine!


The exclusive editorial features cover a number of essential skills that you will need to get the most out of your model building, including useful conversion charts to help you convert measurements between metric and imperial notation, as well as radio frequencies and engine capacities.
Other features are:



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