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Reflector Gunsight MkII – 1:7 Scale

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If the cockpit of your R/C model Allied WWII fighter looks a bit empty, perhaps this is what’s missing? It’s the reflector gunsight that’s mounted in clear view at the top of the instrument panel. Your fighter is not really complete without one! This is the 1:7 Scale version and as small components.


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Full Description

Our 3D printed kit of the Barr & Stroud Reflector Sight MkII contains parts to build two complete gunsights; an early version with oval reflector glass and a later version with square glass. As well as parts made on our 3D printers the kit includes laser cut clear plastic parts to represent the lenses in the gunsight body, plus the reflector glass itself. The gunsights are approximately 1:7 scale.

The version with oval-shaped reflector glass was in use from 1938 to end of 1940. It was installed in the last RAF biplane fighters, the Bulldog and Gladiator, and in Spitfires and Hurricanes throughout the Battle of Britain.

The later version, with square reflector glass, was in use from the start of 1941 until the end of WWII. These were installed in most British fighter aircraft operated by the RAF, including Spitfires, Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tempests, as well as some US aircraft in both RAF and USAAF service, including the P-40, P-47 and P-51. Slightly modified versions were produced for rocket firing and night fighter use.


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