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RES Eagle (78″) – Plan + Article

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Plan consisting of 3 sheets for our RES Eagle (78″).  Simple lightweight RES (Rudder, Elevator & Spoiler) gliders are becoming very popular and our Eagle is a great example of an easy to build RES.

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£19.00 £17.10


  • Name: RES-Eagle
  • Model type Thermal soarer
  • Designed by: Ton van Munsteren
  • Wingspan 2000mm (78”)
  • Fuselage length: 1257mm (49”)
  • Wing area 0.41sq. m
  • All-up weight: 19oz (530g)
  • Wing loading: 1.29kg / sq. m
  • Functions (servos): Elevator (1); rudder (1); spoiler (1)
  • Control deflections: Elevator ±0.6” (15mm); rudder ±1” (25mm)


Full Description

After the great success of Ton Van Munsteren’s Red Eagle (published in RCM&E a while back), he was looking for a glider that would go up on a bungee and have good thermal-hunting performance. With the rising popularity of simple, lightweight RES (Rudder, Elevator & Spoiler) gliders, and bolstered by a discussion on a Dutch forum about starting a competition with them, such a design was an attractive proposition.

A RES model would be perfect to enjoy the lift often found on those long, wispy-breeze summer evenings. There’s certainly nothing complicated with the build – all balsa with carbon tube wing spars – it won’t take long to put together.

SAVE 10% this April on Selected Plans!

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