Right from the Start ? The basics of patchwork & quilting book – Beginners guide to Patchwork and Quilting/Book


In this book, Chris Franses and Barbara Chainey introduce you to the basics of patchwork and quilting, starting right at the beginning with a detailed look at how to choose the right equipment, whether you prefer to quilt by hand or machine.

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With an abundance of tips and easy to follow step-by-step instructions, they guide you through all the stages of making patchwork by hand or machine, looking at: • Equipment • Fabric and colour • Patchwork blocks • Machine piecing • Hand piecing • Quick piecing • Sashing, settings and borders • Quilting by hand or machine • Finishing the quilt, with a look at binding, labels and hanging sleeves. Chris Franses and Barbara Chainey have both taught patchwork and quilting for more than twenty years and are recognised teachers, writers and designers in their own right.