A 640 mm span delta ‘rocket-ship’ for 120-130 Watt brushless motors and 3-function R/C. Designed by Mike White.

Full Description

Constructed mainly from 6mm Depron, this ’slippery’ 640 mm (25¼”) span electric delta design by Mike White is fast with a 130 Watt brushless pusher motor. Controls are mixed ailerons/elevator and throttle for a sparkling performance. Not recommended for novice pilots. WING SPAN: 25¼” / 640 mm LENGTH: 34½” / 880 mm WEIGHT: 17~18 oz (476~504g MOTOR: BL2808-8 2600 rpm/V (120~130W) brushless MOTIVE POWER: 3S 1500~2200mAh 15C min. LiPo 6” x 4” prop


  • Designer: Mike White
  • Wingspan: 25.25″ / 640 mm
  • Power Source: BL2808-8 2600 rpm/V (120~130W) brushless


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