Riva Aquarama 1:12 Scale – Plan


Riva Aquarama is a scale Riva powerboat 730 mm length by 210 mm beam.

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Shown on a two sheet plan, giving all frames templates and some construction data. Power by twin 400 motors driving twin shafts. Scale appearance with sparkling performance! Designed by J.J. Laugere. Featured in: FREE PLAN WITH MM APRIL 1997

Plan Information: The original model from which these plans were developed was built as a static model for display only. The materials chosen were those suited to reproduction of the fine mahogany finish for which Riva boats are famous, with no regard to light weight for good speed on the water. You may choose to work in ply or mahogany, particularly if static display is the priority, or prefer to use balsa and light ply to keep weight down and maximise performance. Working or static? Before building your own model, consider whether you wish to have a static model or one which performs in suitable scale speed fashion. Twin Speed 400 motors with two commercial type stainless steel shafts and tubes will offer a good solution for sensible performance.  Hull construction: The basic structure is of classic chine boat type: The keel, side stringers and frames interlock to form an ‘egg box’ structure. The hull is built upside down on a flat building board. Hull skins: The hull bottom is best made from 1.5mm plywood, although balsa could be used. This would be quite soft and would need a coat of glass cloth to protect it.  The planks must be profiled so that they will fit at the bow. Balsa can be used, but a final thin veneer of mahogany will be needed.  Power and radio control: It is possible to install twin 400 size motors under the seats with direct drive to the props, but the plan only includes basic information.  Deck: The wooden planked section of the deck is made wit 5mm x 3mm mahogany stripwood separated by poplar or other contrasting strips.  Not for beginners… The plan gives a starting point for modellers wishing to build a Riva Aquarama Special, but you do need to refer to photos of individual boats to fill in the details. For modellers with a little previous experience it should make a fine model of a world class powerboat.


  • <span=”attlabel”>Designer: K.J. Laugere
  • <span=”attlabel”>Power Source: Twin 400 motors
  • <span=”attlabel”>Length: 73 cm
  • <span=”attlabel”>Beam: 21 cm


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