RM246A – Robotham The Great


Full Description

Designer: Peter Holland
Star Rating: **
Engine Size: 540 x 2
R/C Functions: 4


A man-size robot 6 feet three tall in not heavy engineering, in fact the prototype only weighs 7lbs., so is quick on his feet. Designed for aeromodelling type construction with wood and expanded polystyrene, card and acetate sheet – this gentleman can walk, move each arm, close each hand, twist at the waist, sit down, talk (a tape recorder), turn and nod his head, open the mouth, swivel and wink the eyes – all on four function R/C using some servos direct and 7 electric motors switched servos. Put in as many of these facilities as you wish. The basic walking action takes three motors and servos – all circuits given on the plan.

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