Ruston & Procter 3 Ton Tractor TE27


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Designer: John HainingStar Rating: A 2in scale model SIC class SD steam tractor. Sheet 1 General arrangement, boiler, firebox and firehole door.Sheet 2 Hornplates, spectacle plate, front and rear wheels, cylinder.Sheet 3 Smokebox, front axle and springing, crankshaft and motion parts, chimney and smokebox door.Sheet 4 Motion shafts gears, rear axle, gear change mechanism, clutch and winding drum.Sheet 5 Axle bearings, section to show G.A. of gears connecting rod, eccentric, strap and rod regulator.Sheet 6 Control levers, linkages, shafts and bearings. Steam manifold.Sheet 7 Tender details and general arrangement. Brake equipment and water tank.Sheet 8 Moore water pumps, gear guard, blower blast pipes and cylinder drain cocks.Sheet 9 Awning general arrangement and details, motors guard plates.Sheet 10 Plumbing schematic, governor general arrangement, livery.Sheet 11 Governer details.Complete set of 11 sheets.


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