Scale Model Warships – Model Boat / Ship Book – by Tim Morgan


Join author, Tim Morgan, as he guides you through the fascinating world of model warships, from selecting your model, to getting your pride and joy out onto the water!

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From the famous Dreadnought battleship to the tech-laden missile ships we see today, warships have always held a special allure for the model maker. In this book, Tim Morgan takes you on a comprehensive journey into the world of the fighting ship, tackling each and every stage of building a model warship. Step-by-step topics include: Selection and suitability of subject, plans and research, specialist suppliers, hulls and decks, working in plastic and brass, construction and fittings, finishing and painting. The emphasis within the book is on modern ships using up to date modelling methods, and it’s well illustrated with photographs and illustrations of both full size and model warships. For the experienced model builder and armchair enthusiast alike this book provides a wealth of information and detail that’s sure to put you on the right track to building your own model warship.


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