Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC.Mk2 (120″) – Laser Cut Wood Pack


A laser cut wood for this 120” span 1:7.65 scale model for twin electric power and 5-function R/C. Model designed by Chris Golds.

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Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer CC.Mk2 (120″)

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The Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer – or ’Twin Pin’ – was designed as a go-anywhere, carry anything transport aircraft able to take-off and land from very short, unprepared strips in the days when helicopters were notoriously underpowered and had only a very limited cargo carrying ability. They saw wide service in Aden, Malaya, Kenya and Oman, moving troops and supplies around a wilderness where there were few proper airfields. It’s impressive STOL performance was provided by large slats on the outer wings and immense flaps on both the inboard and outboard wing panels. The model is of conventional construction, but you will need a lot of space to build, store and transport it. A laser-cut wood pack is available containing most of the shaped parts, such as wing ribs and fuselage formers, but you will need additional sheet and strip wood, as well as all the hardware needed, to complete the model.


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