Scoville Stardust Plan


A stretched and slimmed semi scale air racer for .25 sized glow engines

Full Description

A Peter Miller design for an air racer of 43 “, powered by .25 size engine (SC 25 in prototype). Fast and aerobatic. The wing area of 430 sq inches is just about ideal for this size of model.
WING AREA: 430 sq in (2730 sq cm)WING LOADING: 20 oz/sq ft


  • Designer: Peter Miller
  • Wingspan: 43″ (1092 mm)
  • Power Source: SC25
  • Radio Functions: Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder.
  • Length: 39″ (990 mm)
  • Weight: 60 oz (1800 g)


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