Scratch This – RC Scale Design Course – Vol. 3 – RC Scale Model Aircraft DVD


This 3-tape course shows in easy steps how to get out of the prison of dependency on available kits and plans. Can you imagine picking out any airplane ever made and creating your own unique RC version?

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Scratch This – RC Scale Design Course – Series by Dave Platt

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A century of aviation history at your feet! Yet, there are modelers just a few who can do this. With a study of this series, you’ll have this enviable skill! This series of 3 ‘How To’ tapes was developed to carefully walk a modeler through all the necessary steps to easily create an original scale model design … from a small three-view plan and readily available researched documentation. ‘Techniques’ with great tips in the following order. What ‘Scratch’ means Easy ellipse calculation Determining CG location Mean aerodynamic chord Wing structural design Strong skin overhang Source for G-10 Center wing bracing and webs Engine plates Muffler Design and installation Down thrust & side thrust Fuselage construction One piece technique Carbon fibre strength All about canopies Make sliding canopy mechanisms Landing gear dummy struts The ‘cutting plane’ method of lofting Attaching cowlings accurately Making fiberglass cowlings