Secrets of Thermal Soaring / Radio Control Gliding DVD / Radio Carbon Art


This DVD is a comprehensive training video which will teach you basic and advanced thermaling and air reading techniques that will help you find and climb high in invisible lift.
You can’t catch a thermal without understanding what a thermal looks like, how it is formed, and how it moves and effects the wind around it. Thermaling is all about visualization, and the entire DVD is designed to help you see the invisible and imagine the complex patterns in the air your plane flies in.

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This definitive DVD tells you all you need to know about finding, understanding and using thermal activity. Essential viewing for beginner and expert alike. Features include: • 135 high quality illustrations and diagrams • Easy to understand explanations • Learn to ‘SEE’ invisible thermals • Thermal shape visualizations • Learn to read wind shifts indicating thermals • Fascinating footage of actual thermals forming and moving • Techniques for flying and observing lift


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