Basic 3D (52″/58″) – Short Kit (Set)


Short Kit includes: Plan, Laser Cut Wood Pack & Additional Wood Pack.

Basic 3D is Mike Keay’s popular, easy-build, aerobatic trainer and 3D aerobat specifically designed to take a budding pilot from basic through to advanced aerobatics.

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Full Description

SETRC2028 Basic 3D Short Kit by Mike Keay

It can be built with a 52” or 58” span according to preference and, although designed for a .40 – .53 two-stroke engine, an electric conversion would be easy to accomplish too.
Mike’s accompanying build article is available to view at

Please note complete sets DO NOT include engines, accessories, paints or glues.

Article featured in March 2006

Please note that all CNC and additional woodpacks are cut to order and as such we are unable to accept returns unless they are found to be faulty.



Model Type: Advanced Aerobatic Trainer

Wingspan: 52″ or 58 ”

Fuselage Length: 50″

Wing Area: 4.8 sq.ft

All-up weight 4 1/2 lbs- 5lb

Wing Loading 15-16 1/2 oz/sq.ft

Engine: 0.40-0.53 2-St or equivalent four stroke

Radio: Four Function

C of G: Variable

Control Functions Aileron, elevator, rudder, throttle


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