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SETRC2082 Jitterbug Complete Set


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SETRC2082 Jitterbug Complete Set


Set includes: Plan, CNC woodpack & additional woodpack.


Please note complete sets DO NOT include engines, accessories, paints or glues.

Jitterbug is an 'easy to build' low-wing trainer/aerobat designed by RCM&E's Alex Whittaker. It's ideal for first time builders and featured (with build photos) in the April 2011 issue of RCM&E.
To see extra build photos and builders notes left by other Jitterbug builders just and see the the RCM&E plan builders forum section.
Name: Jitterbug
Model type: Sports aerobat
Designed by: Alex Whittaker
Wingspan: 62”
Fuselage length: 43”
Wing area: 651 sq. in.
All-up weight: 6.5 lbs
Wing loading: 23 oz / sq. ft.
Functions (servos): Aileron (2); elevator (1); rudder (1); throttle (1)
Rec’d engine: .46 – .60 two-stroke .53 – .60 four-stroke
Rec’d powertrain: Turnigy C5055-600 motor; 4s
3200mAh Li-Po; 80A ESC


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