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Shifty Delta (22″) & Canard (30.7″) – Plan & Article

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Plan & Article for these sleek ‘two for one’ sports designs, a quick-to-build pusher that can be configured as either a canard or delta model.

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  • Name: Shifty
  • Model type: Sport pusher delta or canard
  • Designed by: Rich Harris
  • Wingspan: Delta 560 mm (22″) , canard 780 mm (30.7″)
  • Length: 635 mm
  • Weight: Delta 490 g, canard 550 g
  • Functions: Elevons (2), throttle (ESC)
  • Motor: Emax RS2205 2300kV or similar
  • Prop: Emax Avan 6 x 3.8 or similar
  • ESC: 40A
  • LiPo: 4-Max 3S 800 mAh 60C
  • Control movements: +/- 6 mm

Full Description

From the designer: I ’ve always had an admiration for the unorthodox designs by aerospace engineer Burt Rutan, most notably his line of LongEze canards. These fascinating machines are what inspired me to design Shifty, a quick-to-build pusher that can be configured as either a canard or delta depending on the builder’s preference.

Shifty is a one-piece model that’s economically sized around a cheap drone motor. It features profiled sheet balsa flying surfaces attached to a common box-type fuselage, shaped to give its off-beat lines. In keeping with the common fuselage, I opted to steer both planforms via elevons at the drawing board stage. This meant omitting the traditional forward elevator normally associated with a canard. It’s an uncomplicated set up that has produced a pair of eye-catching, smooth and predictable fliers. In the air is where they shine, each have their own unique flying characteristics, from the wide speed range of the canard to the ballistic pace of the delta. What’s not to like? If I’ve aroused your curiosity, then pull up a chair and join me as I go and cut a kit of parts, then run through the build.

Plan & Article RC2261 Laser Cut Wood Pack WPRC2261 Additional Wood Pack AWPRC2261 Short Kit (Set) SETRC2261

SAVE 10% on Selected Plans!

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