Short S.29 Stirling (118″) – Plan + Article


A 118” span British WWII bomber for 4 electric motors and 6-function R/C. Rescaled and modelled by Robin Fowler.

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Short S.29 Stirling (118″)

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The Stirling is a British WWII bomber that has been replicated to 1:10 scale (118” span) by Robin Fowler for 4 electric motors. The all wood construction is from 6 large CAD drawn plan sheets. Minimum 6-function radio required. Model weight around 20 lb. (9kg) with two 3s 4000mAh LiPos. Suits experienced builders only.


  • <span=”attlabel”>Wingspan: 118″ / 3m (2997.2 mm)
  • <span=”attlabel”>Power Source: Four TowerPro TP 3520 670KV brushless outrunners Four 40A ESC One 8A UBEC Regulator for Rx
  • <span=”attlabel”>Radio Functions: 6
  • <span=”attlabel”>Scale: 1:10
  • <span=”attlabel”>Battery: Two 3S 4000 mAh LiPo
  • <span=”attlabel”>Length: 101 ½ in. (2.58m)
  • <span=”attlabel”>Weight: 20 lb. approx. (9 kg)


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