Size One (51″) – Laser Cut Wood Pack


Laser cut wood pack for this 51″ (1290 mm) span sports design for .25-.30 IC engines and 4-function R/C. Designed by Peter Miller.

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Size One is a 51” (1290mm) span sports model design of all-wood construction, designed by Peter Miller. It will suit most builders and flyers when fitted with a small IC engine and four function R/C. It is a development of the smaller Size Zero (published in 2008) but for larger engines. The construction is changed from the very open framework fuselage and built up tail surfaces to sheet sides and solid sheet tail surfaces with a wing-mounted undercarriage fitted. Take-off is straight and easy, and when happy with the trim you’ll enjoy aerobatics. Rolls are good, but needs quick dab of down in the middle of four point rolls. Flick rolls are very fast in both directions. Inverted flight needs a lot of down held in. Loops are easy and straight, with no tendency to screw out. Slow speed flight is good, with no sign of a wing dropping and spin recovery is instant. Low, slow passes call for a lot of care and patience, but with practice you’ll be doing low, slow turns and flying back and forth with ease. While Size One flies nicely on the .30 four-stroke, you could use a .25 two-stroke and then you would have a real hot rod.WING AREA:   447 sq. in. (2883 sq. cm.)WING LOADING:   20.29 oz./sq. ft. ( 47.3 g / dm2)Aircraft wood packsPlease note an aircraft wood pack consists of the ribs and formers for the model. You will need to source additional strip wood and balsa from your local modelling materials supplier to complete the model. Check out our strip and sheet Balsa packs at!
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