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General Aircraft ‘Skyfarer’ was designed to anticipate and make human mistakes inherently impossible. According to the designer, the Skyfarer cannot slip, skid or spin nor does it lose control when stalled. It is placarded as “characteristically incapable of spinning” by the C.A.A. This scale model for the novice scale enthusiast, designed by Phillip S. Kent, reflects all these attributes.


In Stock: Printed to order

In stock


  • Designer: Philip S Kent
  • Wingspan: 55″ / 1400 mm
  • Power Source: .10 – .15 2-stroke or .26 4-stroke

Full Description

Wingspan: 55″ / 1400 mm
Radio: 4 – 5 function
Engine: .10 – .15 2-stroke or .26 4-stroke


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