Slingsby T-67 Firefly – ‘Full Size Focus’ Photo CD


This series of aircraft walkaround photo CDs contains a selection of individual types of aircraft for reference, from vintage to classic warbirds, and home-builds.

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Slingsby T67 Firefly (85″)

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The Firefly is a development of the Fournier RF6B. The RF6B first flew in March 1974, and Fournier built 45 RF6B100s powered by 75kW (100-hp) Rolls-Royce Continental O200 flat fours through to the early 1980s. In 1980 Fournier flew a more powerful development of the RF6B, the 87kW (116-hp) Lycoming O235 powered RF6B120. It was this aircraft that formed the basis for Slingsby’s T.67 Firefly. Each CD features a multi selection of high-quality close-up detailed photographs to help you with your latest building project.


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